Cliff Notes: Unfortunately, We Haven’t Seen the Last of Urban Meyer

by Cliff Gibson

This post was initially published in The Cliff Notes by CSN contributor Cliff Gibson.


If the Jacksonville Jaguars – the whipping boy franchise of the NFL – doesn’t want you, there’s a solid chance no other team in the league will either. That’s the reality Urban Meyer faces after being sacked by the organization, just 13 games into his NFL coaching tenure.

I was skeptical initially and honestly didn’t figure he’d make it past the first season, two at the max. It’s not like he was set up for success, taking over a team among the worst in the league with no NFL coaching experience whatsoever. We all know success at the collegiate level doesn’t mean the same in the pros.

But Meyer didn’t do himself any favors. He treated an NFL franchise like a college program. You can’t do that.

At the college level, the coaches are the untouchable ones. They’re the ones making big money. Players are interchangeable. It’s the opposite in the NFL, where the players are the business. The coaches are secondary.

So it’s no surprise that Meyer didn’t pan out, given his history. He’s not a decent human being. He certainly has no grasp on the business aspect of the NFL. So I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the curtain call on his pro coaching career.

But a return to the college ranks? Don’t count it out. The timing of Meyer’s firing sets doesn’t do him any favors for finding a job in 2022, with few openings remaining and no big-name programs. But, Meyer will land somewhere in 2023 if he decides to pursue it. And the program that hires him will get his impressive resume and a lot of drama that comes with it.

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