Cliff Notes: END OF THE ROAD – Seahawks’ playoff hopes gone after loss to Rams

by Cliff Gibson

This post was initially published in The Cliff Notes by CSN contributor Cliff Gibson.

Well, there’s no need to look up the Seattle Seahawks’ playoff possibilities now. Thanks to a 20-10 loss to the Rams, those are gone. Goodbye.

For the first time in the careers of both Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner, the Seahawks will finish a season with a losing record, the first losing season in Seattle since 2011.

There will be no playoffs for the first time since 2017, only a few extra weeks to ask a lot of questions. Questions about the future. Questions about what could have been. Questions to which the answers aren’t likely to come any time soon.

As much as I’ve enjoyed keeping track of the Seahawks’ minuscule playoff chances, I’ll enjoy watching a few games without the anxiety that comes with following a team that’s hanging by a thread.

And honestly, it was asking way too much for this team to win six straight games to close out the year — they’re having enough problems winning six games in the ENTIRE season.

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