An Update on Cascadia Sports Network

by Charlie Folkestad

Cascadia Sports Network consists of ex-SB Nation writers, younger aspiring journalists, and — more than anything else — die-hard fans of Cascadia-region sports teams.

CSN began as a solution. Writers breaking into sports journalism often have little control over their personal growth. It often starts off as a hobby, where other aspects of life take priority, yet platforms expect a certain quota for little to no return — leading to rushed articles that are less fulfilling to write. 

By starting CSN, we used our connections across professional leagues to provide writers with opportunities to produce content they are satisfied with, while understanding everyday life takes priority. Quality content can be local without the need of a large publication owning full creative control.

Throughout that process we have struck a balance of quality content and respect for writers — some of which have gone on to work in NHL and NFL front offices, as well as other large publications like Sports Illustrated.

What’s Next

Two of us were handed the reins in the past month. As the new managing editors, Michael Martinez and I want to make this a unique place to find local sports coverage.

Going forward, most of our content will be soccer coverage. Michael’s been on the Vancouver Whitecaps beat for a few years now, as have I with the Portland Timbers. Major League Soccer is growing fast, especially in Cascadia. We want to be part of that.

We will still host articles from other CSN sportswriters. Cliff Gibson’s Cliff Notes will continue to appear on this site. Nate Alexander has been publishing his thoughts on the Seattle Mariners. Should an opportunity appear, we’re willing to jump back into non-soccer sports.

Why should you read CSN?

We’re local! Both Michael and I live in Portland. We both attend(ed) the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication.

We cover these teams because we want to, not because we’re paid to. The ads on this site cover the cost of running it.

We believe we have the knowledge and skills to provide you with great coverage.


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