Once things start to spiral out on control, it gets harder and harder to stop. That was evident Monday night in Seattle’s 17-15 loss to the Washington Football Team. The Seahawks, now 3-8, have essentially played every card in their deck, and even though they are just two games out of the final playoff spot in the win-loss column, they are actually three behind Washington (5-6) for the seventh spot due to the head-to-head result.

The remaining schedule has three winnable games — against Houston, Chicago, and Detroit — but also three games against division foes where Seattle will likely be the underdog — Arizona, San Francisco, and LA Rams. Best case scenario, Seattle goes 3-3 down the stretch and finishes 6-11. That’s not gonna get you into the postseason.

There have been injuries, sure. But the injuries aren’t nearly enough to cover up the issues Seattle has had on the offensive side of the ball ALL SEASON LONG. (Much praise to Geno Smith for his efforts in the absence of Russell Wilson). Those issues were on display for a primetime audience last night in a mostly lifeless offensive effort in the nation’s capitol.

Post-injury Russ is miles from pre-injury Russ, the running game is non-existent, and the inability to target DK Metcalf is INSANE. Not to mention, failing to move the chains and convert on third downs, where the Seahawks rank DEAD LAST in the NFL. If you think these things will suddenly click and help Seattle rip off a 6-game win streak to end the season (what it will likely take to make the playoffs), I want some of what you’re smokin’.

I’ll keep my flag flying, my Blue Friday attire ready, and my gameday jerseys fresh, but let’s be honest … this season is essentially over. The only question left is whether Russ or Pete Carroll will hang around town to give it another go in 2022.