Zach Collins is finally done in Portland

by Kevin Nesgoda

Over the weekend the Blazers announced that they were not going to be tendering Zach Collins an offer, thus declining the first right to re-sign him, and making him an unrestricted free agent. Today, Collins signed a 3-year $22 million dollar deal with the San Antonio Spurs.

Collins spent more time injured at home, on the bench, or being under anesthesia being operated on than he spent on the floor with the Blazers. When he did play for the Blazers he did show some flashes of promise that made the Blazers trade up to get the 10th overall pick out of Gonzaga.

The Blazers having enough salary cap issues were smart in not re-signing Collins as he becomes the Spurs inpatient now.

If there is one person on this planet more injury-prone than Carson Wentz, it might be Zach Collins, but at least somehow the Eagles were able to get something for Wentz.

Well, the Blazers do get something in return with Collins moving on to the Spurs: peace of mind and an extra empty hospital bed.

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