Portlan(d) gets blown out by the Clippers

by Kevin Nesgoda

Yes, that d is initially put in parentheses. Defense was very optional for the Blazers tonight as the Clippers just did everything they wanted to on offense all night.

This game featured a potential first round playoff match up as the Clippers are currently in the 3 seed in the West and the Blazers are currently in the 6 seed.

No Nurkic tonight due to knee inflammation. Patrick Beverly is back from his knee soreness. First game for Rondo and Cousins tonight. Here we go.

First Quarter:

The Clippers are serious today. They are playing both Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. This means that they mean business because it doesn’t happen that often. They’ve only played together in 35 of their 62 games this season.

The Clippers start the game by hitting their first 8 shots and four 3 pointers.

PG is in his bag tonight.

Dame answers with a pull up 3 to stop the run and bring the game to 12 – 6.

Defense is option for the Blazers in this quarter.

Reggie Jackson misses his first shot and the first shot for the Clippers with 6:44 left in the quarter.

CJ is balling and scores 5 straight buckets for Portland. He is 5-5 fg with no 3 pointers.

The Clippers finally cool off a bit as the clock hits 4 minutes. They’ve missed 3 straight after starting 14-15 fg!

Carmelo drops a nice baseline dime for a corkscrew dunk for Airplane Mode.

Paul George gets a tip dunk at the end of the quarter to end with 22 points on 7-9 shooting and 4-6 from 3pt.

The Clippers shot 18-25 in the quarter for 72%!

They were 7-11 from 3pt for 63.6%. . .

CJ led the Blazers with 12 points on 5-5 fg and 2-3 ft. No 3s attempted.

47-32 Clippers.

Second Quarter:

The Clippers start the quarter with 3 fouls and a shot clock violation. Hopefully, they are coming back to Earth after that first quarter.

Well that was short lived. Clippers extend the lead to 58-33 with 9:45 to go and are now on a 9-1 run to start the quarter.

DeMarcus Cousins makes his Clippers debut. Can’t guard CJ on the pick and roll that leads to a wide open Carmelo 3 pointer. He’s now 1-6 fg tonight.

On the other side, he hits a long 2 for his first points as a Clipper. It’s 66-41 and everyone is hitting shots for LA.

Nice block by RoCo on Zubac. Nice to get a defensive stop/highlight in this half.

Powell and CJ score back to back buckets to cut the lead to 68-51 with 5:14 left in the half.

Nice drive and carry . . . err. . . dunk by Norman Powell cuts the lead to 13 with 2:50 left.

Maybe the Blazers have a chance tonight.

CJ hits a 3 to cut the lead to 10 with 1:28 to go.

Kanter is straight balling tonight with a double double in the first half. 11 points and 10 rebounds. This guys just collects rebounds.

RoCo hits a 3 to cut the lead to 7 in the last points of the half.

The two teams trade airmailed 3 pointers before Dame tries a 50 footer at the buzzer that hits the rim. He may be a wizard.

73-66 Clippers.

LA’s shooting came down to earth, but they are still shooting over 56% from the field.

Third Quarter:

After 3 missed shots to start the half by both teams, CJ hits a tough running 14 foot floater to start the 2nd half scoring.

Paul George hits a tough fadeaway 3 as the shot clock winds down and then throws a stupid behind the back pass that goes out of bounds. This is the PG-13 experience in a one minute microcosm.

The Clippers lead is back up to 14. 84-70 LA.

12 point run for the Blazers after a 3 by RoCo cuts the lead to 2! Maybe they have a chance! #DumbAndDumber

Reggie Jackson hits a 3 to keep the Blazers at bay.

Another corner 3 for Reggie Jackson and a technical foul on Dame leads to a free throw that stretches the lead to 9 with 2:50 left in the 3rd. Tough night for Dame.

Norman Powell misses a wide open corner 3 as time expires in the 3rd. That doesn’t happen often.

101-89 Clippers.

Fourth Quarter:

Norman Powell keeps getting to the line and is keeping the Blazers in this game.

Ahh, the dreaded four point play by Reggie Jackson. Great flop.

Reggie Jackson is the captain now and has 17 points in 23 minutes.

Norman Powell had himself a game tonight. 32 points in 37 minutes. 14-15 from the free throw line. Well done, sir:

The Blazers pull the starts with 3:28 to go. This one is over.

It’s good to see Harry Giles and CJ Elleby get some time, but this was an ugly one.

133-116 Clippers over Blazers tonight.

Tough night for Dame. 2-14 for 9 points.

The Clippers tandem of Paul George and Kawhi Leonard combined for 65 points. 36 for PG-13 and a quiet, efficient 29 for The Terminator.

Dominant win by the Clippers.

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