Introducing Hoops Über Alles – a basketball podcast

by Kevin Nesgoda

Cascadia Sports Network reporters Taylor Bartle, Kevin Nesgoda, and Miles DeCaro have started a brand new podcast and YouTube show to talk about highlights – and lowlights – of the NBA!

Check out our first episode, where we talk about the All-Star Game, Shaq getting in the wrestling ring, and of course the highlights of last week’s games. We also, of course, had to discuss the SuperSonics. We take a look at the free agent pool and try to determine if there’s enough talent there to create an expansion team without the need for an expansion draft.

So rate, review, subscribe, all that other fun stuff and join us every week for Hoops Über Alles! Available now on Spotify and Pocket Casts, more networks coming soon or subscribe via RSS. You can also join us on Patreon for special exclusive content!

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