Fredy Heads Back Home: What this means for Whitecaps and Sounders

by Michael Martinez

Here we go!! Freddy Montero is officially signing for his former team, the Seattle Sounders. He will be signing a one year contract with options for 2022 and 2023. He will be joining in on preseason training after the mandatory quarantine and testing protocols. There had been rumors circulating his move to Seattle once contract talks stalled for the Whitecaps late last year. 

Everything about the move just makes sense for him. The Sounders were the first team in MLS to give him a platform to build on, scoring 60 goals in his time there. He has his coffee business, which to be fair it’s pretty damn good. Then lastly, his family. They love it in Seattle and can frequently be found residing there during the offseason. 

This tweet just says it all…

Sounders Head Coach Brian Schmetzler on Fredy coming back, 

I have a lot of fond memories of Fredy Montero in a Sounders jersey, and I’m pleased to welcome him back to the club,

He has always been a dynamic attacker with a strong finishing touch. I’m always happy to have players that can score goals and am looking forward to getting him on the training pitch as our 2021 preparations ramp up.

Montero spent the last 3 seasons in Vancouver tallying 24 goals and 14 assists in all competitions. While his second stint at the club did not go as well as the first, his contribution to the team will not be forgotten. He was arguably the most creative player this last season and helped get that spark back in the team.

What does this mean for the Whitecaps?

In case you guys can’t tell by my writing, I am a HUGE fan of Fredy Montero, so this move away from the Whitecaps does sting a little bit. It just means I can’t write about him anymore… But beyond that, depending on who is making their way to Vancouver, this could be detrimental to the team.  

While the numbers don’t speak for themselves, Fredy did a lot for the Whitecaps, especially in this last season. In the absence of a #10, he would be the creative outlet up top to help create space for Cavallini to get a shot on net. He would also drop in deeper to start the run of play. Whenever he was on the pitch, the team just played that much better. 

Like I said above, this all depends on how the Whitecaps spend and where they spend it. They have made some good signings thus far and some solid rumors have come through, but nothing is concrete. If they they don’t find a #10 to replace what Fredy brought, then it will be another disappointing season for the Whitecaps.

How about for the Sounders? 

This move could mean a lot for the Sounders. Montero is going to Seattle on a free transfer; because of this, there is still plenty of cap room for other marquee signings. It is a very low transfer and they are bringing in a player with some excellent experience. He is also a club legend and it is always fun seeing players come back to former clubs. He will be fighting for a place as the second striker behind Ruidiaz. 

Fredy Montero is still a goal scoring threat. He can easily create something out of nothing. With the Sounders he will not have to worry about that though. They are one of the most creative teams in the league in front of goal. This still doesn’t answer the question, what does Fredy coming home for the Sounders? It’s quite simple. 

Not only is he getting the chance to potentially retire with the club that started it all, but he is bringing that much needed experience in the team. He is also bringing some excellent depth into a title chasing team. Fredy is a natural leader and combine that with everything else, there is no reason but to expect him to make an immediate impact. 

The Sounders have blessed us with a little goal compilation via twitter so have at it!

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