CLIFF NOTES: Calm down … Russ Isn’t Going Anywhere

by Kevin Nesgoda

Don’t believe everything you read. Seattle’s franchise QB isn’t leaving Seattle anytime soon.

Don’t believe everything you read. Seattle’s franchise QB isn’t leaving Seattle anytime soon.

Well, here we are again. Another NFL offseason and time yet again for Seahawks fans to panic about something that won’t happen. So yes, it’s time once again for somebody to say, “SHUT UP … Russ isn’t going anywhere.”

I blame social media for a lot of things, and the constant spew of trade rumors – no matter how ridiculous – is certainly on that list. Once an NFL trade rumor hits cyberspace, it takes less than 10 minutes for it to be considered factual by the general public. That’s according to a study I made up specifically for this argument.

Seems pretty silly – and not to mention, irresponsible – to make things up just to get people talking. But that’s all these “experts” are trying to do by transferring their trade theories from head to keyboard.

Some of you are harder to convince, so let’s try another tactic. There’s no way in hell he’s going to the Jets or Dolphins, so throw those out. The Raiders aren’t ever as close to contending as they think, so that’s a NO for Las Vegas. Houston? GTHO. That franchise is the current title holder for biggest clown show in professional sports. And … it’s Houston. Yuck.

Also, did you forget how things work in pro sports? 

Russ was frustrated with the direction of the offense in his offseason meetings with Seahawks brass … so they’ve brought in a new coordinator. I’d like to think the front office is smart enough to get somebody that will compliment his strengths. And I don’t think Russ is gonna bolt before giving it a chance with the new OC. There’s also his $39 million in dead cap space … so trading Russ is MUCH easier said than done.

So, Russ laid out his desired trade destinations … big deal. The way I see it, it’s a chess move, and a great one I might add. Want to ensure the coaching staff gets serious about improving things on offense? Play this card. I’m pretty sure they’ll get the message.

One last thing. RUSS IS SEATTLE. You don’t just trade away an icon. So, relax … Russ isn’t going anywhere … is he?

Cliff Gibson is a 20-year journalism professional and Navy veteran living in Pierce County, Washington. Follow him on Twitter @cliffcgibson.

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