Sonics Forever: Episode 2 – Sam Perkins & Duff McKagan

by Kevin Nesgoda

Courtesy Sonics Forever (Truth+ Media and Simply Seattle)

Courtesy Sonics Forever (Truth+ Media and Simply Seattle)

Big Smooth and one of the roses of Guns N’ Roses. Two great tastes that go great together? Or a discordant symphony that makes you questions your senses?

Let’s find out.

Former Sonic Sam Perkins and musician Duff McKagan join host Brad Burns in this episode of Sonics Forever.

Sonics Forever, the joint podcast venture from George Karl’s Truth+ Media and Simply Seattle, wants to take you through the journey of Seattle’s one-time — and hopefully, soon again — NBA team. As seen through the fog of memory of some of the biggest names associated with the club, it wants to tell you a well-earned history and maybe share some things you’ve never known.

Smooth shares some insights into his quiet, calm demeanor on the court, which Duff says inspires him in the moments he wants cooler heads to prevail. Duff talks going to a number of games up in the 300 level at KeyArena with Kim Thayil of Soundgarden fame.

Both address the biggest rumors about them: Was Duff Beer on The Simpsons named after McKagan, at one point known as “Duff, the King of Beers”? And was Perkins ever as high on the court as many in Seattle assumed?

It’s a fun discussion with some ‘90s Sonics love.

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