Blazers fall to the Warriors 137-122 as Steph goes OFF for 62!

by Kevin Nesgoda

The Blazers are finishing a back to back series in the Chase Center with the Warriors. After beating the W’s to start the new year, there was a lot of online chatter about how Steph isn’t getting the looks that he had when sharing the court with his fellow Splash Brother and how the Blazers now have the best backcourt in the NBA. He DID NOT like that.

Image via Trail Blazers (used with permission)

Image via Trail Blazers (used with permission)

First Quarter:

Quick pace to this one as Wiseman mishandles a rebound, chases it down to save it right to RoCo for an open 3. Rookie mistake. Nurkic starts the game (Bosnian) beasting inside for 2 early buckets in the first 3 minutes and Portland is off to a good start.

Wiggins size is affecting CJ as he’s blocked a shot and deflected a couple passes.

Nurkic gets called for a charge on Draymond. Bang-bang call that Stotts challenges. Early for a challenge, but seemed worth it to get Draymond in early foul trouble. The call is upheld and Nurkic is assessed the offensive foul.

Draymond is being Draymond and he and Dame are starting to chirp. Kerr wisely takes him out, but the next time downcourt, the refs have had enough and call a Double tech on Dame and Draymond while he’s on the bench.

Steph’s FT streak ends at 76, but he ends the quarter with 21 points. He’s cooking. 7-11 fg in the quarter.

CJ rattles in a 3 pointer at the buzzer. 36-33 W’s. 

Game is a little chippy.

Second quarter:

Wiggins blows a layup to start the quarter and CJ responds with a layup of his own. Wiggins has been terrible on offense this year.

Nice pick and roll leads to Eric Paschall finishes with authority on Robert Covington. My goodness.

CJ with the beautiful between the leg dribble into an and-one. Doing a great job of carrying the 2nd unit offense with Dame off the floor. 

Gary Trent Jr providing a spark in the 2nd quarter. Hit a nice step back followed by a drive should have been an And-One.

A Carmelo 3 results in a the rarely seen wing 3 wedgie (ball getting stuck between backboard and rim)

Back to back buckets for Steph. Pumpfake 3 followed by a beautiful drive. He’s making it look Steph-ortless. 

Great defense by CJ in transition leads to a jump all with 9.5 seconds left.  Half ends with a Nurkic block on Steph.

31 for Steph in the half. 10-18 FG. CJ leads the Blazers with 14. 

W’s out-rebounding Blazers 29-18. Out-assisting them 10-5. 

3pt FG for GS: 5-15. Portland shot 5-22 from 3 in the first half. They’ll need to pick up their shooting to stay competitive tonight.

Much cleaner 2nd quarter. 

66-54 W’s. 

3rd quarter:

James Wiseman with a nasty spin move at the FT line that leads to a monster dunk. Wow.

Steal, deflection and Draymond block to start the 2nd half. W’s playing good defense. 

Back to back to back buckets for Dame. 7 points in the first 3 minutes of the 2nd half.

Very questionable foul on a Curry corner 3 pointer leads to 3 free throws. Good acting by Steph. 4th foul on Jones Jr. 

Derrick Jones Jr. goes Airplane Mode for a tip dunk off a Nurkic miss. 

Draymond alley oops to Wiseman after Nurk gets taken out by Wiggins.  Nurkic hasn’t been a factor in this game since the 1st quarter.

Draymond badly airballs a 3. Steph gets the offensive “rebound” and gets fouled by Jones Jr. for the And-one. That’s 5 fouls on Derrick Jones Jr. and multiple cheap ones on him.  

A flagrant one is called on CJ against Wiseman on a leak out. Would not have been a Flagrant in the 80s/90s/2000s. Smh. 

Huge dunk by Oubre on a fake handoff to Steph.

Blazers need to start playing some defense. 

Kelly Oubre hits a corner 3.

He’s now 2-28 on the year from 3. He’s not Chef Curry with the shot, boy.

Steph has 40 with 4 minutes left in the 3rd. He’s set the new scoring record for the Chase Center, eclipsing the previous high of 39 set by Damian Lillard on Opening Night last year. It seems so long ago.  

Oubre picks up full court and Dame responds with a leaning 3 pointer in his eyeball. Dame Time may be coming a little early tonight. 

Another Curry pull up 3 as he ends the quarter at 45.  Hard to beat this team when he’s doing this. Even this year. 

Dame hits a buzzer beater long 2 from the corner to end the quarter. 

97-83 W’s to end the 3rd. 

4th quarter:

Simons starts the quarter off with a wing 3 off a good pass out of the post from Kanter. 

Kanter getting a lot of offensive rebounds, but that’s because the Blazers keep missing shots. 6 rebounds and 6 points in the first 5 minutes of the quarter. 

Warriors respond by putting Wiseman back in. 

Dame promptly blows right by Wiseman to cut the lead to 12. Most of the game has been at this distance as the Warriors have kept the Blazers down by double digits for the entire 2nd half. 

Curry hits another 3 to push the lead back to 15. 

Dame responds with back to back 3s of his own to cut the lead to 9. 

Steph hits a short leaner for 2 and the stars are starting to play like the All NBA players they are. 

Wiggins gets a tough drive and layup to go for an And-one after a foul from Melo.  Misses the free throw and the lead is 11. 

Melo responds with a corner 3 to bring the lead back down to 8. 

Blazers need a run to make this interesting. 

After two free throws by Curry, the lead is stretched to 10. Curry is 15-16 from the free throw line and has 54. 

A corner 3 by Wiggins is a dagger after a great screen and roll between Steph and Draymond. Looked like 2015 all over again. 

Two more FTs for Curry and he’s up to 56. 

Dame turns it over and the Blazers are starting to foul. 

Oubre and Dame are starting to talk. He seems excited that he finally hit another 3 pointer this year. 

No call on a McCollum dunk attempt where he’s clearly fouled by Wiggins leads to an Oubre run out. 

Melo gives him a hard(ish) foul to prevent the dunk. He’s fouled out and surprisingly there weren’t any extracurricular activities. Oubre sinks both.  Looking like it’s over with 2 minutes to go. 

Steph hits an absurd pull-up 3 to get 59. And immediately another 3 to get to a career high of 62. My goodness. 

Kerr takes him out with 33 seconds left to get the virtual standing ovation.  

I think he heard the online criticism because he DID NOT mess around tonight. 

Lillard led the Blazers with 32, CJ had 28, but together they didn’t match Steph’s output by himself. You aren’t beating this team when he goes Super Saiyan.

Blazers go down 137-122 to finish their road trip at .500

Next up are the Chicago Bulls on January 5th back at the Moda Center.

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