Seattle’s Running Game Holds Off The Washington Football Team

by Kevin Nesgoda

Sundays 10:00 AM matchup featured the Seattle Seahawks and The Washington Football Team. In a game filled with ups and downs, Seattle’s rushing attack proved to be the factor in their 20-15 victory. The Seattle defense held the opposition to just three points in the first half, but Washington was able to make a late comeback, scoring twelve of their fifteen points in the fourth quarter. In the end, Seattle was able to win the battle in the trenches, protect Russell Wilson, and limit turnovers in order to clinch their spot in the playoffs. 

Russell Wilson was able to stay off the turf this week, something that has been an issue in the previous weeks. Seattle did not give up in single sack this week, even with outstanding rookie, Chase Young, and first round pick in 2019, Montez Sweat lining up on the other side of the ball. The rushing attack for Seattle was able to rack up 181 yards on the ground from multiple contributors. Chris Carson saw most of the touches coming out of the backfield. He had 15 carries for 63 yards, and really helped Seattle soften up the Washington defense. Carlos Hyde was the most efficient back in the game, with only two carries for 55 yards and a score. His largest run came on a 50-yard scamper, where he was able to break one tackle at the line of scrimmage and take it in for six. The passing attack for the hawks was unusually quiet. Russell Wilson did most of his damage with his legs, however he only threw for 121 yards going 18/27 and a score. Tight end, Jacob Holllister, was able to haul in the touchdown pass from Russell Wilson from ten yards out. 

The Seattle defense has really turned it around since the beginning of the season. Again, they were able to hold their opponents to under 20 points. This brings their average to 14.8 points per game over their last six games. Seattle has also been able to create key turnovers. They had two picks today, one from Shaquill Giffin on a tipped pass, and the other from D.J. Reed on an errant throw by Washington quarterback, Dwayne Haskins. D.J. Reed was able to strip the ball out of Haskins hands as he came on a blitz, Washington however, was able to fall on top of the loose ball. Carlos Dunlap was able to play into today’s game, notching one of the defense’s four sacks. If Seattle continues to play this caliber of defense, they will be poised to make a quite a playoff run. 

Looking Forward: 

The Seahawks win today notches them a spot in this year’s playoffs. With two divisional games coming up in the Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers, Seattle will only look to improve their standings in the playoffs. As of right now, Seattle is looking at a wild card berth. However, if they win out, they will be able to take over the NFC west and LA would then slip into the wild card.  

What if? 

Is there a way for Seattle to win the NFC in its entirety? Yes. However, the road is extremely unlikely. Right now, as it stands the Green Bay Packers sit atop of the division at 11-3. Their next two games are the Tennessee Titans and the Chicago Bears. It’s highly unlikely that Green Bay will lose both these games, but it is possible. This would put Green Bay at 11-5. The number two in the NFC is the New Orleans Saints. They are currently taking on Mahomes on and the Chiefs and could potentially drop one game today. That means they would only have to lose one of their next two games for Seattle to potentially pass them up. If all these scenarios were to happen, and Seattle wins out. They then would take over the NFC and obtain the first-round bye. 

Check back in next week @CascadiaSN on twitter, where Seattle will be taking on The Los Angeles Rams at Lumen Field. Kickoff is scheduled for 1:25 PM PT.  

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