NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys, Ranked

by Grant Beery

The NHL and Adidas have come up with a fun new idea (read: cash grab) for jerseys that may remind you of the old Starter fashion line from the 90s. All 31 teams (Sorry Seattle, you gotta play some games first) will wear these multiple times during the upcoming season, including some rivalry games from the olden days. As a self-avowed jersey nerd, and also because there’s not much else to talk about during the offseason, here’s my required and completely subjective ranking of each new look. The link next to each team name indicates the jersey year that inspired the remixed design.

The Worst: 31- 22

31. Chicago Blackhawks (1940)


Jerseys that use black as their main color are usually pretty bad in their own right, but this one gets extra demerits thanks to the racist logo.

30. Detroit Red Wings (1998)

ADI_NHL_18661_DETROIT_07477 copy 2.jpg

The silver is supposed to be an homage to the centennial jerseys they wore in 2017, but these just look unfinished. Almost like a practice jersey.

29. New York Islanders (1980)

ADI_NHL_18661_NY_ISLANDERS_06949 copy.jpg

They switched to a new shade of blue. Lazy. Where’s the Fisherman?!

28. Minnesota Wild (1978)

ADI_NHL_18661_MINNESOTA_06334 copy.jpg

The Wild had a great chance to include their “M” shoulder patch logo on the front to really drive home the monogram look of the old North Stars sweaters, but instead they stuck with one of the worst logos in sports. It somehow looks worse with the new/old color scheme.

27. Vancouver Canucks (2001)

ADI_NHL_18661_VANCOUVER_0517 copy.jpg

The old red and blue gradient jerseys the Canucks used to have were bad. They did not need a reboot.

26. Winnipeg Jets (1979)

ADI_NHL_18661_WINNIPEG_03079 copy.jpg

While the real crime is that this isn’t a Thrashers jersey, removing the red from the color scheme makes these Jets sweaters look bland.

25. Dallas Stars (1999)

ADI_NHL_18661_DALLAS_08009 copy.jpg

This is like the opposite of their new Tron third jersey. The silver in the logo makes this sweater look washed out. At least they didn’t try a North Stars homage as well (though they may have done a better job).

24. Tampa Bay Lightning (2004)

ADI_NHL_18661_TAMPA_BAY_2764 copy.jpg

Some designs should stay in the past. This logo is too busy and too messy.

23. Columbus Blue Jackets (2000)

ADI_NHL_18661_COLUMBUS_02620 copy.jpg

The red and white of this jersey is very sharp, but that logo is another that should have been shelved permanently. I would have preferred to see stars all up and down the sleeves like their old Koho alternates.

22. Calgary Flames (1998)

ADI_NHL_18661_CALGARY_04488 copy.jpg

Another all black jersey with the return of Blasty. This would have scored much higher if it were yellow or white.

This Is Fine: 21 – 11

21. Nashville Predators (1998)

ADI_NHL_18661_NASHVILLE_1998 copy.jpg

I understand there’s not much to work with when it comes to Nashville’s heritage, but I feel like this jersey plays it a bit too safe. I want to see that shoulder patch as the logo on the front.

20. Buffalo Sabres (2000)

ADI_NHL_18661_BUFFALO_01791 copy.jpg

It’s not the Buffaslug, so that’s nice. The colors and crest are good, but that wordmark at the bottom is a real miss.

19. Washington Capitals (1997)

ADI_NHL_18661_WASHINGTON_08891 copy.jpg

Keeping with the theme of bad wordmarks at the bottom of the jersey, the Caps could have been great had they left theirs off. Everything else about this jersey is fun.

18. Ottawa Senators (1992)

ADI_NHL_18661_OTTAWA_0784 copy 2.jpg

This technically fits the mold of Reverse Retro. Good job, Ottawa. You didn’t overly screw this up.

17. Philadelphia Flyers (1995)

ADI_NHL_18661_PHILADELPHIA_02133 copy.jpg

Getting some real Roman Cechmanek vibes from these. The white sleeves look out of place, but overall, not terrible.

16. Edmonton Oilers (1979)


The stripes and the orange shoulders are great, but you’re kidding yourself if you think this is some kind of “new” Oilers jersey. Why not go the route of other teams and bring back that sexy McFarlane crest?

15. New York Rangers (1996)

ADI_NHL_18661_NEW_YORK_RANGERS_05171 copy 2.jpg

Classic and inoffensive. The Lady Liberty crest isn’t my favorite, but I appreciate how the Rangers didn’t go full Islanders here and change nothing.

14. San Jose Sharks (1998)

ADI_NHL_18661_SAN_JOSE_0161 copy.jpg

I love the old logo, but this jersey looks washed out with the gray. Needs more TEAL.

13. Toronto Maple Leafs (1970)

ADI_NHL_18661_TORONTO_05811 copy.jpg

The Leafs have a pretty classic design, so this is great by keeping it simple. However, points removed for the sleeves that make it look like a hooded sweatshirt.

12. Boston Bruins (1990)


A better take on a primarily yellow jersey that the Preds will never be able to match. That kooky bear shoulder patch is fun.

11. Florida Panthers (1996)

ADI_NHL_18661_FLORIDA_1762 copy.jpg

This was so close to cracking the top ten. It’s got a classic style that is missing from hockey jerseys these days. It was beat out only by the sheer boldness of the next entry.

Best of the Best: 10-1

10. Los Angeles Kings (1989)

ADI_NHL_18661_LA_10135 copy.jpg

Hampered only by the fact that this doesn’t feature the Burger King logo, the Kings did an amazing job creating a bold new entry into their jersey collection that honors their best color scheme. Ditch the black and silver! Go purple and gold full time!

9. Montreal Canadiens (1976)

ADI_NHL_18661_MONTREAL_09408 copy.jpg

I love everything about this. It’s a classic Habs style while still being a marked change from their usual threads. Don’t mess with success (too much).

8. New Jersey Devils (1982)

ADI_NHL_18661_NEW_JERSEY_01079 copy 2.jpg

Here’s another jersey that should come back full time. The Devils have always had a much bolder look with the green in their color scheme. (As much as I would have loved a Rockies jersey, there’s no way in hell the Devils would wear the flag of another state)

7. Pittsburgh Penguins (1997)

ADI_NHL_18661_PITTSBURGH_08573 copy.jpg

A true classic repped by such greats as Mario Lemieux and Snoop Dogg. It’s great to see this iconic design get an update.

6. Vegas Golden Knights (1995)

ADI_NHL_18661_VEGAS_3014 copy 2.jpg

Don’t @ me, Knights fans, but this is 100 times better than the main sweaters. The sword logo is amazing and the design of the sleeves and hem give it a retro feel for a team that had little to go off of.

5. Colorado Avalanche (1979)

ADI_NHL_18661_COLORADO_0991 copy.jpg

The Nordiques sweaters are amazing, and this is a nice update to them. The burgundy and blue lend well to the design. Bonus points for being one of two designs on this list that’s sure to piss off fans who lost their team in the mid 90s.

4. St. Louis Blues (1995)

ADI_NHL_18661_ST_LOUIS_04049 copy 2.jpg

Since the Blues never actually wore the Cool Cat jerseys, this is the next best option. It’s loud. It’s obnoxious. It’s the most 90s jersey on this list. I love it.

3. Carolina Hurricanes (1979)

ADI_NHL_18661_CAROLINA_WHALERS_2440 copy.jpg

Here’s the other jersey that’s sure to piss off fans of old. Since the Canes have been embracing the Whalers logo, fans from Hartford have felt a bit jilted about the whole thing. However, any reason to have more Whalers merch in the world is a big win in my book. Best logo in sports. Period.

2. Anaheim Ducks (1995)

ADI_NHL_18661_ANAHEIM_01369 copy.jpg

The Ducks did the very thing that most other teams should have. Wild Wing shall carry the torch for the Fisherman, the Oil Drop, and Johnny Canuck. Also, that NOB font is just **chef’s kiss**.

1. Arizona Coyotes (1998)

ADI_NHL_18661_ARIZONA_1372 copy.jpg

This jersey has everything. Crazy 90s styling. A lizard on the shoulder. A desert landscape on the hem. A Space Coyote for a logo. PURPLE. This jersey is my soulmate.

In case you’d like to buy any of these, each team will be doing their own on sale through their websites and social media. Expect them to be widely available on 12/1.

Images courtesy of NHL

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