Timbers stun Sounders in Seattle, 2-1

by Kevin Nesgoda

The Portland Timbers defeated the Seattle Sounders by a score of 2 goals to 1 in Centurylink Field tonight. Goals from Eryk Williamson and Felipe Mora lifted the Timbers to a much-needed three points in this critical rivalry match. Check out the match recap below to re-live the action!


Jebo on the Wing is back again! Surprising not to see Yimmi Chará on the pitch for Portland, but I guess it’s a testament to whatever Jarek and Jebo have been showing in training.

Match Recap

First Half

2’ – Blanco is down and holding his right leg after winning a throw-in off the high press. He’s still on the ground after a few minutes. This is definitely not good.

Loría is suiting up and will replace Blanco in the fourth minute. Seba is in tears; you can see how much this means to him.

8’ – Williamson chests down a ball outside the box, lays it off for Valeri who plays it right back into its path and SCORES IN THE BOX! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GOAL!! 1-0 PORTLAND!!!

That’s Williamson’s first MLS goal, and pure class from Valeri.

13’ – Loría puts in a hard challenge for a foul in Portland’s attacking half. The Timbers have much more confidence after a lackluster start to this match. The early goal has really inspired the team.

19’ – Chance for Morris in the box is blocked by Mabiala for a corner.

26’ – Portland seem content to sit back at the moment, especially up a goal. There have been spurts of Timbers attacks, but they stay spurts.

29’ – Villafaña blocks a cross from Leerdam and goes down in pain. Timbers trainers are back on the pitch. Looks like he may have landed awkwardly. He takes a gingerly stroll to the sideline and the Sounders restart with a throw-in.

31’ – Timbers create a counter-attacking opportunity, but Valeri is eventually muscled off the ball and no foul is called.

33’ – Ruidiaz’s dummy header forces Clark to make a save.

35’ – Timbers make a counter off the defended corner and Jorge’s cross is behind the target. Timbers recover possession, though, and Duvall’s rocket goes straight to Morris’ chest.

37’ – João Paulo makes a driving run and Chará takes him out from behind. Classic foul, free kick from Lodiero goes over the bar.

40’ – Morris has a completely open shot in the box and Clark comes up with a strong left-handed save. That was a very good chance.

42’ – Župarić clears the corner only as far as Leerdam, who has a dream setup to smash the ball into the back of the net. It hit Clark on the way through, but he couldn’t keep it out. 1-1.

44’ – Right from the kickoff, Seattle are back and winning a corner. Mabiala is injured and out behind the goal, but Portland win a free kick to get out of trouble. Mabiala gets back on after a second Seattle foul.

45’ – Timbers find some space on the left-hand side of the box, but Loría doesn’t aim his cross and it goes through for a throw-in.

Mabiala is down again on the pitch. That’s probably the worst possible player to get injured right now for Portland, and he’s going to be coming off for Julio Cascante at halftime.

45’ + 3‘ – Ruidiaz receives the ball in an offside position and Clark saves his chance. The flag doesn’t go up until after Clark rolls the ball out, and then Roldán fouls the crap out of Chará for a yellow. Wild stuff, but now it’s halftime.

Halftime Thoughts

What a wild match. The Timbers definitely deserved their goal, but both of these defenses are looking quite poor. No matter how early you score a goal, you need to create more than one chance, and that’s all the Timbers have managed so far.

Seattle seem to be uber-complacent on the ball before they explode for ferocious onslaughts toward goal. Let’s hope the Timbers can turn some counters into goals.

Second Half

46’ – Cascante is in for Mabiala. That’s a big loss for a back line that was already struggling. Portland give up a corner straight away.

48’ – Jorge’s hard challenge on Lodeiro is cautioned…easily a foul, questionably a yellow.

50’ – Jarek has a golden opportunity after Seattle mis-control a ball at the back. It then happens again a second later, but Eryk can’t convert, either. Pair of fantastic saves from Frei there.

51’ – Williamson tries to break, but he gets tactically fouled. No caution for Delem.

53’ – Nice set play off the set piece from Portland but Cascante skies the shot over the net.

56’ – Jebo does a great job to shrug off challengers and get the ball wide to Jorge, but the Sounders get heads to the cross and second ball.

58’ – Williamson combines with Jarek and wins a free kick just outside Seattle’s box. The ensuing free kick is sent just over the bar by Valeri.

60’ – Nice spell of possession for the Timbers, who earn a trio of corners.

64’ – Timbers are giving Seattle some tough situations to deal with from deep. The medium pressure is messing Seattle’s their marking when the Timbers win the second ball in the midfield.

69’ – Cascante steps early, letting Morris get a cross off, and the ball hits his hand as it goes out for a corner. However, it was tucked into his body and even the Sounders announcers said that would have been a harsh pen.

70’ – Yimmi Chará replaces Loría. Decent showing from Marvin, but you want your DPs on the pitch in a match like this. That being said, Jarek is off for Mora.

73’ – Ebobisse has been doing a great job of keeping possession in the attacking half. On this occasion, Valeri’s cross is straight to Frei, though.

76’ – Jorge denies João Paulo’s cross and keeps it in. Yimmi then one-twos with Valeri and earns a yellow card off Will Bruin.

77’ – Portland’s press is giving Seattle fits defensively. The Timbers win another corner, which is saved by Frei.

82’ – Scary moment for the Timbers as a foul on Williamson goes uncalled and the Sounders wings trade crosses before Clark finally collects.

84’ – Eryk steps up with the ball, plays Mora through on goal AND HE CONVERTS!! 2-1 TIMBERS!!! Perfect run from Mora and an even better finish past Frei.

Ok, all Portland have to do now is defend deep and threaten Seattle enough to keep them scared. Sound familiar?

88’ – Mora wins a foul in midfield and should stay down for a long time. Tuiloma is on for Valeri, which is a pretty good indicator of Portland’s strategy for the rest of this one.

89’ – Jebo wins a foul in the corner off the free kick, burning a few more precious seconds. There’s then a corner kick and then a yellow on Eryk to prevent a counter.

90’ + 1’ – Four minutes of added time as Seattle recalibrate the attack. Ruidiaz gets a well-guarded shot deflected for a corner.

90’ + 3’ – Corner is defended and Portland win another free kick up the pitch. Sooo close…. [frequently knocking on wood]

90’ + 4’ – Seattle have another corner. They take it short but it’s defended. They get one more cross off but it’s collected by Clark. That should do it…


Final Thoughts

What a massive win for Portland. And it matched my prediction, too!

What a stand by the team defensively, what an offensive showing by Williamson (has to be MOTM for me) and an unsung performance from Jebo on the Wing, Cascante and Villafaña in defense, and many others.

I was really impressed by the performance of the entire team tonight. This will be a fun one to dissect later in the week.

‘Til then, cheers! Enjoy your Labor Day weekend.

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