Blazers no show in Game 2 against Lakers

by Kevin Nesgoda

The Portland Trail Blazers were riding high after a big game one victory, so high in fact they forgot to show up to play Game 2 on Thursday night. They never were really in the game after the first six minutes of the game.

Anthony Davis dominated and Damian Lillard dislocated his finger.

There’s not much to really say about how bad this one was. Blazers lose 111-88.

First Quarter Thoughts

Everyone knew that LeBron James was going to come and push the offense. That’s exactly what he did. He got a couple of quick baskets and then started looking to get his teammates involved and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope rewarded him by knocking down two three pointers and JaVale McGee had a couple of easy dunks.

Portland played the entire first quarter flat footed on defense and it left them scrambling all over the court to chase shooters. The Lakers were only 2-8 in the quarter on threes, but that could have been a hell of a lot worse. Alex Caruso, Markieff Morris, and Kyle Kuzma each had wide open looks for three.

Carmelo Anthony came out really strong and attacked LeBron James early and often. Melo was only 1-4 in the quarter, but he made James work on defense and put some body shots into LeBron. Those will come in handy later in the game…. maybe. LeBron James is a freak of nature athlete.

In the middle of the quarter Damian Lillard started to heat up. He got eight points in about a minute and a half. The next possession CJ McCollum comes down and dribbles for 23.9 seconds without a pass, and takes a contested 22 footer. This seems to happen a lot. Way too much.

Blazers don’t hit 20 in a quarter for the first time in the restart.

Second Quarter Thoughts

The poor Portland defense has come out again in the second quarter. They are letting the Lakers run a layup line to start the quarter. There is zero rotation and zero help off the high screen and rolls. The Laker bigs aren’t even rolling they are staying stationary and LeBron and Kuzma are taking it right to the basket.

Gary Trent Jr. continues to show why he should be starting next to Damian Lillard next season. He’s picking up LeBron James full court, banging with him, and still able to knock down shots on top of it. He’s turning out to be an unexpected special player. He has the edge to be a top defender in the league and his shot is so pure.

Terry Stotts had some really intriguing lineups. He ran with a three guard and two center lineup against a four guard and a small forward. The Lakers of course killed the Blazers on just about everything they ran on offense.

Outside of Damian Lillard and Gary Trent Jr. no one could do anything for the Blazers on offense.

Then there was Anthony Davis. He has been allowed to go over the back on rebounds on both ends of the court, run into guys and draw fouls that should have been on him. I have lost all respect for the man over the last 12 months plus.

There has been nothing good about this first half.

Third Quarter Thoughts

The third quarter is usually the Blazers worst quarter and it has been no different tonight. This might be the epitome of a bad quarter. Their rotations were slow and non-existant, they couldn’t make a shot from anywhere. They were simply gassed.

Damian Lillard might have broken his left index finger.

Blazers down thirty.

Fourth Quarter Thoughts

This quarter was played by all bench players for the most part. Jaylen Adams and Jaylen Hoard got their first minutes of the restart.

Every Blazer on the active roster scored tonight.

Next Up

Game Three against the Lakers is on Saturday at 5:30 PM on ABC.

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