Seattle Mariners 2020 Draft: A Quick Preview

by Kevin Nesgoda

We should be about 70 games deep into the 2020 season, but the Mariners have yet to finish Spring Training. But here we are: MLB Draft 2020. The Mariners have the #6, #43, and #64 in the first two rounds (which includes the competitive balance round). Tune into MLB network or ESPN Wednesday June 10th at 4:00 PM PST to follow live.

So, quickly, here is a breakdown of what I believe the Mariners need to bolster their roster. I’ll go by positions:

Here’s what the M’s don’t need: OF, 1B, C. I will say, the Mariners have quite a few CF and RF. They are lacking a true left fielder but I doubt they use draft picks on the outfield this year considering there are only five rounds this draft year.

Could use a few extras: 3B, SS.

“But Nate, what about all those errors last season?” Yes. There was a problem. However, these kids are young. A lot of these players were playing at a higher level than what they should have been. They gained experience and I believe the defensive aspect will be significantly better moving forward.

Definitely need:

2B. Unlike the outfield, the Mariners do not have a repository of second basemen to rely on. I like the idea of using a first round pick on a second basemen and going after Nick Gonzalez from New Mexico State University if he is available at #6 overall. Dee Gordon is entering his final season before an option year which leaves Shed Long as the lone true second baseman.

Pitching. Starting pitching is lacking. The Mariner don’t have a closer. It was difficult to decipher if any of the younger prospects were ready to join the club at the MLB level due to the shortened Spring Training.

There are a lot of pitchers available in the top-prospect pool and I believe the Mariners go after at least three arms in the five rounds. If the Mariners go after a pitcher at #6, I see the Mariners landing Emerson Hancock (RHP) from Georgia, Max Meyer (RHP) from Minnesota, or Reid Detmers (LHP) from Louisville.

I’ve said it over and over and I’ll say it again: The Mariners have a talented team. These youngsters need to mature in the league a little bit, tighten up the pitching, and we will see a winning ball club.

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