Updated: NBA to cancel rest of season?

by Kevin Nesgoda

Photo by  Andre Tan  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andre Tan on Unsplash

There are no timelines for the NBA to return to action this year and a lot of insiders are speculating that the league will not continue at all this season. The league was hoping that they would be able to play some games in either Las Vegas or The Bahamas under some strict guidelines.

The idea was to play the playoffs in a sterile and secure environment after a period of quarantine for all the playoff teams.

It doesn’t look like that is going to happen at all now. There are a lot of safety concerns around that plan and now the league is talking about what to do with players pay if the season does not continue.

And there is also a chance that the NBA and NBAPA decide to scrap the current CBA and renegotiate the current deal. There is no active talk about doing that now, but the league is losing a lot of cash.

The league has until the 15th of the month to decide what they are going to do on a lot of fronts. If they don’t cancel the season by then and cancel say on the 16th then the players would then be paid for the rest of the season.

If the league does cancel the rest of the season the Milwaukee Bucks would be declared the NBA Champions based on the current bylaws of the league. They could ultimately decide to leave the championship blank for the first time in history.

The league is also going to be short on cash because of lost revenue from television, gates, advertising, and a whole slew of other revenue streams because of this. And if the league does not start on time next season there could be lots of trouble in places like Oklahoma City (ownership portfolios are tanking), Memphis, New Orleans, and Charlotte.

Don’t expect the league to allow any of those teams to relocate due to a pandemic. Adam Silver and a lot of top brass are not that fond of moving teams especially in harsh times.

Could expansion be put back on the table? Adding two teams at a billion dollar plus price tag could definitely keep the league’s coffers full and expand a revenue base that they are sorely going to need.


The big thing here is there is no time table to get this rolling. The league has about 10 days to determine their decision on how to proceed going forward. I would love (and millions of people would as well) if the NBA could get back going, with or without fans in attendance.

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