Timbers and Thorns coverage update

by Kevin Nesgoda


You may have heard that the premier newspaper outlet in the state, The Oregonian, will not be employing a full-time Timbers or Thorns beat writer this year.


In a strange way, this is technically a “win” for me and this lovely site that allows me to spew words at you, since The Oregonian is technically a competitor.

But that’s far from the truth.

I grew up reading The Oregonian. Faded news clips still adorn my childhood room.

Listening to Jamie Goldberg, Richard Farley, and Caitlin Murray on Soccer Made in PDX were one of my main inspirations for starting my own Timbers podcast (that will be back some day, I promise).

Toward the end of last season, when the Timbers were kind enough to let me get press access, I was astonished to actually be in the company of so many writers I recognized.

The Oregonian‘s lack of coverage makes sense, but it still saddens me. There is still an embarrassing lack of Timbers (and especially Thorns) coverage across the board.


Coverage Plans

Ok, the sad part’s over. here comes the scary part.

My personal goal for this year is to cover as many Timbers and Thorns matches as possible. The only place I have felt more excited than the press box is in the stands.

I avoided saying “all” matches because I’m not yet sure if that’s realistic. I do have college classes, a job, and travel plans that make covering matches maddening, but I will do my best to produce as much quality content as I can.

To anyone reading this, thank you for supporting independent local journalism! No one at this site gets paid for what we do—we do it for the love of the teams and sports we cover. Even if you never read my work again, it’s worth knowing I can help grow the game, even by the smallest fraction.

When I started writing about the Timbers on my own almost a year ago, I was literally tweeting out shared links to Google Docs of my thoughts on players and matches.

I couldn’t be happier that I reached out to Doug and met everyone else here, and I’m anxious to continue improving.

For more of my coverage, check back here or follow @CascadiaSN, @folkestad3, and @doublepostpodcast on Twitter.

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