Ranking the 2019-20 NBA Point Guards

by Kevin Nesgoda

This has become the most dynamic position in all of the league. Gone are the days of a true pass-first point guard and today we have guys who can score literally from anywhere on the floor (Stephen Curry and Damian Lillard).

30. Ish Smith – Washington Wizards

Another one of the Wizards members ends up on the bottom of the list. Smith is a great backup option for most teams in the league, but he’s a bottom end starter. He’s keeping the seat warm until John Wall comes back or Scott Brooks gives the job to Isaiah Thomas.

29. Tomas Satoransky – Chicago Bulls

He’s a good player, I view him as more of a sixth man or first guard off the bench. He’s not a starter on a playoff team.

28. Terry Rozier – Charlotte Hornets

After a great 2018 (including playoffs) he fell off the boat last season. Let’s see if he gets back to where he needs to be.

27. Quinn Cook – Los Angeles Lakers

He and Rajon Rondo are going to go back and forth here a lot.

26. Lonzo Ball – New Orleans Pelicans

He has the tools and a readjusted jumper to be a very good player in the league, he just needs to stay healthy. I think he’s in a good spot in NoLa.

25. D.J. Augustin – Orlando Magic

I’m shocked he’s still in the league and that’s not a knock. He’s a decent player, but gets talked into the ground by most “analysts” out there. Ultimately he is keeping the seat warm for Markelle Fultz.

24. Ja Morant – Memphis Grizzlies

He’s going to be an exciting young player in this league.

23. Justise Winslow – Miami Heat

This has been a long time coming. He may just succeed at this position.

22. Delon Wright – Dallas Mavericks

The Mavs are probably going to run Luka at this spot a lot, but Wright is the starter by default.

21. Dennis Smith Jr. – New York Knicks

There’s a chance he loses out to Elfrid Payton. That’s all you need to know about Smith and the Knicks.

20. Reggie Jackson – Detroit Pistons

Bet he wishes he was backing up Russell Westbrook in OKC again.

19. Jeff Teague – Minnesota Timberwolves

I like Teague. He’s such a solid point guard. Not a great point guard, but he’s pretty good.

18. Dejounte Murray – San Antonio Spurs

I think Murray has a big year and moves up further in the rankings for next year.

17. Collin Sexton – Cleveland Cavaliers

Sophomore slump or does he go crazy with Garland next to him?

16. Ricky Rubio – Phoenix Suns

Ricky is so inconsistent. Some nights you might think he’s the best guard in the league (rarely happens) and others you wonder if he cares to play basketball on most nights.

15. Malcolm Brogdon – Indiana Pacers

He is going to thrive under Nate McMillan.

14. De’Aaron Fox – Sacramento Kings

The fastest guard in the NBA. Once he develops a consistent jump shot he’s going to be deadly.

13. Eric Bledsoe – Milwaukee Bucks

He’s always good during the regular season and then takes the playoffs off. Must be an after effect of spending so much time in Phoenix.

12. Trae Young – Atlanta Hawks

The heir apparent to Steph Curry.

11. Patrick Beverley – Los Angeles Clippers

The best on the ball defender in the league at the guard position. The guy you want on your team and hate when he’s not.

10. Jamal Murray – Denver Nuggets

He got the top 10 money and now he needs to play like it.

9. Kyle Lowry – Toronto Raptors

This is probably the last year we’ll see Lowry in the top 10. His age has to catch up to him at some point.

8. Mike Conley – Utah Jazz

He might be the missing piece in Utah. If he can find his offensive game the Jazz might be the deepest and most dangerous team in all the NBA.

7. Chris Paul – Oklahoma City Thunder

He’s keeping this spot warm until he’s traded and SGA takes over.

6. Russell Westbrook – Houston Rockets

He and Harden are going to have a lot of fun together. Not sure how many championships they are going to win together though.

5. Kemba Walker – Boston Celtics

Brad Stevens is going to make him a winner.

4. Ben Simmons – Philadelphia 76ers

Once he has a consistent jump shot he’s going to be #1 and it might be a decade before he gives it up.

3. Kyrie Irving – Brooklyn Nets

There is no denying what Kyrie can do. He’s had some issues the last couple of seasons, let’s see how he has grown this summer.

2. Damian Lillard – Portland Trail Blazers

Dame destroyed a franchise last summer. He has a legit claim at the number one spot.

1. Steph Curry – Golden State Warriors

There is no better point guard in all the league. He’s the best shooter, a good defender, and a good leader.

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