Did the NBA Draft Lottery affect Seattle?

by Kevin Nesgoda

The Pelicans and Grizzlies finished 1-2 in the draft lottery, how does this affect Seattle?

Kevin Nesgoda: It doesn’t really at all. I think this gets both the Pelicans and Grizzlies new leases for their arenas and that basically has all the teams in the league locked up for the foreseeable future. I still think that expansion is and always has been our way back. Adam Silver spoke yesterday about adding a team to Vancouver. We all know Seattle is #1 on the block to get a team back and Vancouver (or Louisville) would be a great expansion partner.

Ryan Shea: Did it affect Oklahoma City when the Sonics got the 2nd pick?

Chris Meirose:  I don’t think that it does at this point.

Taylor Bartle: Honestly, I think anything that happens with Seattle will happen independently of on-court performance. I don’t think this moves the needle.

Matt Tucker: As someone who has viewed relocation as the likely method to get the Sonics back, I think this puts a crimp in things. But that all depends on how the draft translates to the court and then to the ticket office. Season ticket searches for the Pels spiked big following the draft lottery, so I think there will be some impact. It’s not clear yet.

Jeff Brown: Kevin Durant didn’t save things in Seattle.  If a team relocates to Seattle, it’ll because the NBA decided that the current market is no longer good enough and the league would be better off in Seattle.  I’m sure Zion could help the New Orleans market draw more, but if he doesn’t, they could be in trouble. And recent reports state Anthony Davis still wants to be traded away.  If that happens, then it’s asking a lot for Zion to carry the franchise. Ultimately, Seattle should come back into play after 2021 when the new arena is fully constructed at Seattle Center.

What do you now think happens with the Pelicans?

Kevin: I think AD stays. I’ve heard some rumblings that with AD and Zion New Orleans could be a free agent hot spot. And David Griffin knows how to build a team. I think if AD stays we see New Orleans as a top-five seed.

Ryan: They have two options: build around Zion and trade Anthony Davis or try to find a workable solution with AD and possibly trade Zion for a second star.

Chris:  Send AD to LALA for their pick and other pieces if he’s willing.  Take Zion and your #3 along with Randal, Wood, and Holiday and build from there.  

Taylor: I think AD is gone. Two post dominant players won’t work, especially in today’s game. And Davis has said he hasn’t backtracked on his request. I think LA sends the 4th and a big haul of young players to the Pels and they start a quick rebuild.

Matt: I don’t think AD stays, and league rumors seems to back that up. Now, what are they gonna get in a trade to build around Zion? They have good leverage.

Jeff: It sounds like Anthony Davis still wants out.  If that’s true, New Orleans will look to make the best trade possible to help build around a youthful core.  Whether that’s a trade with the Lakers, Boston, or another team, I’m not sure.

What do you now think happens with the Grizzlies?

Kevin: I think they are still one more good draft pick away from being a playoff contender in a couple of years. Maybe they swing Conley to the Suns and get the 6th pick and start to build around a core of Jackson, Morant, and whoever they get at six.

Ryan: The Grizzlies will have a good foundation of young players to build around. Ja Morant can be the new Mike Conley.

Chris:  If they keep this pick, Ja Morant is the right guy.  I’m not convinced they keep this pick.

Taylor: The Grizzlies are such a weird team. They could win 50 games one season and 30 the next with the same roster. Moving on from Gasol was the right decision in my opinion, and Conley should probably be next. Morant would be a good piece to build around. The only constant seems to be attendance in the bottom third of the league…

Matt: Agree with Taylor. I can’t get a read on this team.

Jeff: If you can get good value by trading Mike Conley Jr. then I would do that.  I would draft Ja Morant and try to build around him. There have been rumors about Memphis as a relocation option, but the NBA seems pretty adamant about keeping all teams in their current cities.

With pretty much all arena issues solved in the NBA, where does Seattle get a team now?

Kevin: As I said above it’s going to be expansion.

Ryan: We get Portland. In Portland.

Chris:  Can we get the Sonics back from OKC and dump Westbrook in the middle of it?  No? Sigh. Then I’m going with Memphis or expansion.

Taylor: I hate this question because people want an answer and there just isn’t one right now.

Matt: I’m still curious to see if the rest of the league is interested in keeping teams in some markets where the team value isn’t growing because of the market. With Memphis and New Orleans, it’s possible that they may never get over the hump. Sure, they’re worth over $1B each, but that’s relative to the whole league.  I have a feeling owners would be more concerned with making sure they can maximize each team in a market before expansion. Is what Memphis and New Orleans are bringing enough?

Jeff: This is extremely frustrating because unlike the NHL, NFL, MLB, the NBA has been fully against both relocation and expansion for the past decade.  Ever since Seattle was relocated, the NBA has done everything possible to keep teams in struggling markets like Sacramento, Milwaukee, Memphis, Phoenix, and New Orleans.  I want to believe a team is coming to Seattle soon (3-5 years), but it’s hard because everything the NBA has done is to keep all current teams in their current city and shoot down expansion every chance they get.  Ideally, I hope Seattle gets an expansion franchise, just like we did with the NHL.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

Kevin: Yes, it absolutely does. One of the best pizza combinations out there is a tangy BBQ sauce, shredded chicken, onions, bacon, and pineapple. Fight me.

Ryan: Have you tried pepperoni, jalapeno, and pineapple? Find me a better combo I’ll wait.

Chris:  Without question no. First, screw sweet, the tomato sauce has all the sweetness you want and need. Second, why introduce something that is upping the moisture content?  That’s the opposite of what you’re wanting. Third, pineapple gets slim and stringy more often than not on pizza. Fourth, pineapple sucks. Yes. That’s my official position.

Nick Meyers: Pineapple belongs on pizza and I will absolutely die on this hill.

Taylor: Forget that, can we talk about THIS crime against nature?

Matt: I don’t have a no fruit rule on pizza because olives are amazing. But hell no to pineapple.

Jeff: As a kid, I absolutely hated pineapple on pizza.  If my parents would order it, I would throw a little fit (as kids do) and refuse to eat those versions.  As I got a little older (teens), I realized I was being an idiot and that pineapple absolutely belongs on pizza because it’s delicious!

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